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interior building material / supplies Building & Lumber - Interior Building Material

Interior Wood
Building Material & Lumber

Provides nature and beauty for your project, and offered in numerous species and styles

interior wood flooring Flooring - Interior Wood

Interior Wood Flooring
Premium interior wood flooring that creates a look ranging from rustic to modern

molding / millwork Molding - Millwork - Engineered Wood

Molding-Millwork-Engineered Wood
Molding and millwork, including ultralight MDF molding, solid molding, finger-joint molding, jambs & frames, and edge-glued boards. Also offered in treated molding, which is moisture, termite and fungal-decay resistant.

paneling Paneling - Interior Wood

Wood Paneling
Brings beauty indoors, and is offered in a wide variety of species that defines the pattern, and comes in and comes in alder, ash, aspen, basswood, birch, cedar, cherry, hickory, oak, and signature pine species.

wood panel, wood window trim, wood door trim Paneling, Window & Door Trim

Paneling and Window & Door Trim
Master Carved paneling and window and door trim are custom sculpted textured wood that creates ridges & valleys allowing light to dance off the wood for a dramatic effect. We offer a grand range of versatility, paired with contemporary or rustic styles and all points in between.

timber Timber

Interior or exterior timbers used in structural, functional, and decorative applications offered in Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar or White Pine.

wood railing, wood molding / millwork / trim Wood Rail, Interior or Exterior

Wood Railing
Interior or Exterior wood railing beauty supplied by mother nature, custom designed and functional in a variety of classic and contemporary styles for decks, porches, lofts, furniture and stairs

wood trim, wood molding / millwork Wood Trim, Corners, Tails, Baseboard - Molding-Millwork

Wood Trim, Corners Tails & Baseboard
Authentic wood molding, millwork and trim - Wood Corners, Wood Tails, and Wood Baseboards for interior or exterior use.